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Doctor Says Her Baby Is Stillborn. 35 Years Later, Mom Learns The Truth On Facebook.

Esperanza Regalado was 20-years-old when she gave birth to a little boy in Tenerife, Spain. But tragically, the baby was stillborn—or at least that’s what Esperanza was told. Nearly 35 years later, a man came of nowhere and reached out to her on Facebook. And his message to her was quite straightforward: “Did you have a stillborn child? It’s me.”

When it was time for Esperanza to give birth at the private hospital Felipe Coello de Santa Cruz on Tenerife, her doctor told her that she had to perform a cesarean section. It was the perfect excuse to anesthetize her and steal her baby. And when Esperanza woke up, she was told her that her baby died, according to the newspaper La Provincia.

Since Esperanza was only 20 and would’ve become a single mom, she was considered an easy victim. When Esperanza woke up after her C-section, she received the terrible news that her beloved baby boy had died. She asked about getting papers on everything so that she could bury her baby, but the doctor said she didn’t have to worry and that she’d take care of everything. Esperanza never got to see her stillborn baby, which meant that she’d always had her suspicions about what really happened.

Years later, Carlos Santana looked through some old family documents at his home in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. When he found a copy of an ID card of a woman, he kept the paper and began to investigate. He managed to find the woman on Facebook and they became friends. And after a time, he finally wrote, “Did you have a stillborn child? It’s me.”

When Esperanza understood what why he had contacted her, she was so shocked that she collapsed. After 35 years, she had learned that her son was alive. And Carlos, who was an only child, found out that he had five siblings.

Now Carlos and his real mother, Esperanza, are making up for everything that they’ve missed and nothing will ever be able to separate them again.

I’m so happy that this story had a happy ending. It really shows that we should never lose hope. Share if you agree!
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