Doctors gave mom with cancer 2 yrs to live – but now a German vaccine is giving her hope

When 32-year-old mum Rosalie was diagnosed with cancer and given just two-to-five years to live, she could easily have given up.

She had noticed the tumour by accident while breastfeeding her second child, and, when her diagnosis came back, she was told it was at stage four – meaning it had spread to different parts of her body.

Doctors told Rosalie that the cancer was incurable, but with two ‘beautiful, lively children’ to look after, Rosalie wasn’t prepared to accept defeat just yet.

Alongside regular trips to the hospital, she did a lot of research into dietary changes which may help to fight cancer. And, after dramatically altering her diet and using medicines and supplements, she is currently in remission – contrary to all expectations.

Unfortunately, Rosalie got another setback after this. Doctors have told her that the cancer will return, despite the recovery she’s had so far.

But this hasn’t knocked the fight out of Rosalie. She has one last chance of finally beating it – an experimental vaccine in Germany which has seen some success so far.

It comes at a steep price, however – a £55,000 price. This would be an eye-watering and intimidating figure for anyone to pay, but thankfully for Rosalie and her family, the internet can be a kind place.

Just 10 days after setting up a GoFundMe page, more than 700 people have donated to the cause, raising more than £55,000 in total. Rosalie was trying to raise the money by the end of November, but people’s generosity has far exceeded her expectations.

Speaking on the GoFundMe page, she said: “My goal is to be here for my children for as long as I possibly can so I can love them, protect them and guide them as they face life’s challenges. I still dream of watching them grow into adults and maybe one day seeing them too become parents.

“I don’t know if this will happen, but I do believe the German vaccine treatments will give me more of a chance to live years. The vaccine will also show my kids that I did everything I could to fight this disease, and possibly give others suffering with breast cancer more hope.”

The GoFundMe page is still active – if you would like to donate then follow this link.

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