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Doctors turn off his wife’s life support – then he hears a whisper

It’s every family’s worst nightmare.

When Steven Pellettiere-Swapp found his 45-year-old mother, Lyndee, totally unconscious, he panicked.

His mom had fallen into a coma and her doctors were helpless.

Twelve heartbreaking days later, her family was advised to turn off her life support. It’s a decision that no family should have to make, but they knew that Lyndee wanted to be an organ donor, which made the decision a little easier.

So Lyndee’s husband, son, and daughter decided to pull the plug.

One by one, each of them visited Lyndee to say goodbye.

Lyndee’s husband was last, and he whispered to his wife: “You’re a fighter. I need you to fight.”

Lyndee, who couldn’t move, let alone talk, was fully aware of what was going on around her. And she wanted so badly to stay that she was finally able to get a few words out.

“I’m a fighter,” Lyndee whispered.

Her family was shocked.

They had just turned off life support, and now the beloved mother and wife was alive! It was nothing short of a miracle.

Lyndee made a full recovery and lived to tell the tale from her point of view.

“Just because you’re not conscious doesn’t mean you can’t hear,” she told CBS 5 Arizona. “You should talk to your loved ones if somebody’s in that situation. They hear you.”

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