ER doctor dies in husband’s arms a week after first coronavirus symptoms

When ER doctor Frank Gabin went into work each day to treat patients, he did so with the knowledge that he might contract coronavirus.

Frank, of New Jersey, did it anyway, turning up for his shifts day after day knowing that he was putting his life on the line.

As per reports, he died in his husband’s arms on Tuesday, a week after contracting coronavirus. Close friend Debra Vaselech Lyos told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that his death serves as an important lesson regarding looking out for people who are on the frontlines in this battle.

Debra said Gabrin believed: “It’s not about the outcome, you don’t get to save every patient, but it’s about what you do with the outcome.” She also said: “He lost his life needlessly because if he’d had the equipment — he’s a professional, he knew how to protect himself.

“We need to make something good come from this.”

Frank’s husband, Arnold Vargas, spoke alongside Debra in the interview, but his words were barely distinguishable amidst the tears.

As per CNN, Frank died in Arnold’s arms merely one week after contracting COVID-19. Paramedics worked for an hour to try and save him but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Debra claims Frank lacked the proper equipment with which to remain protected from the virus he was fighting to limit.

“It’s like asking a soldier to go to the frontline and giving them nothing. Nothing to do their job,” she said said.

Indeed, much is now being made of the fact that medical staff in the thick of the coronavirus battle are having to work without personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. Reports state some are having to reuse items intended for single-use, exposing them to danger as they try to save the lives of others.

To think our brave doctors and nurses are facing down coronavirus and don’t have the necessary protective equipment makes my heart bleed.

We all need to come together if we’re to defeat this virus, and we certainly need to find a way to ensure that those working closely with infected patients are given the appropriate means to do so safely.

Rest in peace, Frank. Share this article to send your thoughts and prayers where they’re needed.