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Father finally gets to meet his son for the first time – after 28 long years

David Winkelspecht was only 17 years old when he was forced to leave his family and pregnant girlfriend and serve in the army.

And while the young soldier was gone, his girlfriend gave birth to a boy named David Jr.

But years passed, and by the time David Sr. left the army, he had lost contact with his family.

The fact that David had never got to meet his son left a hole in his heart that was impossible to fill.

But then after 28 years, David finally heard some incredible news.

David’s friend found his 28-year-old son on Facebook. He lived in San Diego, a good distance away from David, who lives in Las Vegas. But David was determined to see his long-lost son, and set his mind to meeting him.

Fox News

The only problem? David didn’t have any money.

For a long time, David struggled to gather the funds he needed to get to San Diego. But then, he had his prayers answered when his friend got in touch with Fox News.

Fox News

Fox5’s Surprise Squad caught David unawares while he was refueling his truck.

The TV news team filled up his tank and gave him enough money to get to San Diego.

Fox News

But first, they brought David to the studio to give him one more surprise.

Check out who was waiting in the studio’s wings to meet David…

Sometimes life happens and families lose contact. But they also get back together, and it’s truly a wonderful thing to see!

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