Grandma believes pregnancy is the only surprise – then her son says ’guess what?’

Finding out that you’re going to be a parent is one of life’s greatest moments. And it only gets better when you share it with your family and friends.

But one way to make it even more special for your loved ones is to keep the pregnancy secret and wait for the perfect moment to reveal it.

Katie and Tannin Pease from Roy, Utah, cooked up just such a plan to tell Tannin’s mom. But that wasn’t all…

When Katie and Tannin Pease learned that Katie was pregnant with their third child, they decided to see how long they could keep it secret.

Family and friends who saw the couple often figured it out as Katie’s stomach grew. But Tannin’s parents lived in another state and had no idea.

It was difficult to hide the secret from them for so long, but Tannin and Katie did their best to conceal the truth. When the couple Skyped with Tannin’s parents, Katie hid her stomach and only showed her face, and she and Tannin’s two sons also helped distract them so they wouldn’t discover Katie’s big belly.

After a while, Tannin’s dad learned the truth, but he kept it from his wife.

Then in February, the perfect time came to the truth to Tannin’s mother the secret: her birthday!

Tannin’s parents’ flew to Utah to celebrate Grandma Carolynn’s birthday, and after nine months, the secret was finally revealed.

The surprise got just the reaction the couple had hoped for. When Carolynn opened the door, Katie was standing there as pregnant as can be.

Caroylnn was completely shocked. But she barely got a chance to wrap her head around Katie’s pregnancy when Tannin said, “Guess what? We’re going in to have the baby tomorrow!”

Watch Carolyn’s awesome reaction here:

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