Grieving parents post photos of stillborn baby – have brave message for others who have lost children

If you’re a parent, you’ll know just how trying the job is. Joyous, yes. Immensely gratifying, yes. But oh so difficult.

First and foremost, you have responsibility for another life. So much goes into simply ensuring your children are happy and healthy from day to day. What comes with it, however, is a connection forged by more than just habit. Your kids are part of an unbreakable bond created by nature.

Which is why losing a child – at any age – is utterly life-changing.

Some are more open with their grief, accepting help from family and friends, whilst others prefer to tackle the despair on their own. Often people opt for being alone, though that can be a dangerous route to take…

Parents Use Professional Photographer To Remember Stillborn BabyRichard and Emily Staley sadly gave birth to a…

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At the age of 27, Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro became aware she had a gift that could help people grieve. Being a people person, she decided to use a talent she had to provide comfort to those most in need of it, and so started Love Song Photography. 

Thus far, she’s helped a number of people. The way she does it? Well, to say her method is trying doesn’t quite do it justice.

Lindsey Villatoro is a family photographer. Herbusiness Love Song Photography specializes inbaby pictures, family…

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Though Lindsey photographs a number of things, she puts a particular emphasis on capturing people’s final moments on Earth, as well as documenting lives that will never be lived.

“I wanted to capture stillborn photography to change the stigma of having this subject be so hush-hush,” she says.

Parents Richard Staley and Emily McClearen were excited to welcome their second child into the world. However, mere days before the due date, Emily realised her baby wasn’t moving around much.

She went to the hospital with Richard, only to have doctors sit them down and explain that their baby’s umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck. She had passed away in the womb.

The unborn baby, Monroe, will never feel the kiss of the sun; never breath air into her lungs or laugh and cry as other babies do. Her parents, however, will always have treasured photos to remember her by.

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Richard and Emily want to share their process and story – using Lindsey’s photographs – to show others that they aren’t alone. Their aim is to share their pain so that others might not feel so isolated in their grief.

As for Lindsey, she says: “Throughout every tragedy there is a silver lining and I am blessed that my clients allow me to capture it.”

It’s certainly a brave job Lindsey undertakes, and one not for the faint-hearted. Remember, if you are in the process of grieving, it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to others on your own terms. 

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