Groom panics when he realizes his mistake – then suddenly runs away

As wonderful as weddings are, they take a lot of planning and months of work to work out all the details.

And by the time you’re at the altar in front of all of your friends and family, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong.

So when something suddenly went wrong at this wedding, none of the guests—or the bride—were prepared for what happened next.

Stuart and Vicky were finally standing in front of the altar at the Church of St. John in Britain.

Their loved ones had gathered to see the couple commit to a lifetime as husband and wife.

Then, the priest asked Stuart to produce the rings—and that’s when the wedding took an unexpected turn.

Stuart began feverishly looking for the rings, but couldn’t find them.

The whole church held their breath.

The priest quietly explained that the wedding couldn’t continue without the rings. The silent was church and Vicky was terrified.

Stuart rushed out of the church.

Vicky stayed behind and had no idea what was just about to happen.

The guests wondered how someone could forget the rings—it was unthinkable!

But then the truth came out—it was all a set up for a hilarious prank.

When a video started playing at the altar, the whole church suddenly realized that Stuart hadn’t actually forgotten the rings. What followed was a brillant video showing Stuart’s crazy adventure on his way home to pick up the rings he had “forgotten.”

Check out Stuart’s hilarious movie here:

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