His girlfriend dumped their newborn son in the trash – 25 years later, he sees the unthinkable on TV

Robin Barton, from Santa Ana, California, was only a few hours old when his mother abandoned him behind a dumpster back in 1989. And Robin probably would have died there if it weren’t for some neighbors, who heard crying and called the police.

“I moved some of the trash and I saw the little baby. I was kind of shocked at first because it’s kind of hard to grasp what I was seeing. I noticed the umbilical cord and he was covered; he still had all the mucus and stuff and all the trash and gravel was sticking to him,” officer Michael Buelna said later.

The cop rushed Robin to the hospital and made sure he received treatment. Once there, Robin weighed in at just 4lb 2oz (2kg), but miraculously, he was healthy.

Michael Buelna and his colleagues in the police department were able to track down Robin’s mother. She was 19 years old and desperately wanted to get rid of her son. They charged her with child endangerment and attempted murder and she spent three years in prison for throwing her son away.

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Little Robin was adopted by Elizabeth Barton and Daniel Fernandez, who gave him all the love and care that a child needs.

Years passed and Robin grew up. Then when he was 25, Robin decided to seek out officer Buelna and thank him for saving his life. It was an emotional meeting.

Robin’s meeting with Michael Buelna was captured on video and broadcast on TV. The touching story was all over the media and moved countless people, and especially one man in particular…

Robin’s biological father, Marcos Meza.

It turned out that Robin’s dad had been looking for him ever since the day Robin’s mom abandoned him.

So for the second time in one week, Robin experienced another emotional meeting, and his reunion with his father also made the news.

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In the days following the meeting, Robin heard that his mother now lives in Mexico and Robin would love to meet her, too.

“I’m not angry or upset with her. And I forgive her because she was a young woman in a very compromising position,” Robin says about his biological mother.

It’s now been two years since Robin’s emotional meetings with the police officer who saved his life and his long-lost father. But this story still touches me. I’m so happy that Robin was found that evening back in 1989. And I also think it’s very nice that he forgives her mother, even though she abandoned him.

It really shows what a big heart Robin has!

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