Homeless man is brought to tears when a hairdresser gives him a makeover

Jose Antonio used to work as an electrician in Majorca, Spain, but when depression set in, he lost everything he had and ended up on the street.

Still, Jose managed to scrape together enough money every day to buy himself something to eat, often by to work as an unlicensed parking attendant.

Then one day, the owner of a salon across from where Jose used to work, invited her friend inside.

In order to give Jose a push in the right direction, she offered him a total makeover.

And what a makeover it was!

Jose, whose overgrown beard had grown unruly during his 25 years on the streets, turned out the be a real looker underneath his tough facade!

Check out the incredible transformation here:

Todos tenemos una historia.. y esta es una de esas que vale la pena contar.
Hoy la salvajería cumple 3 años, y queremos…

Publicerat av La Salvajería den 13 mars 2017

Before the scissors came out, Jose turned to the camera and said, “Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this.”

Soon, the doors closed and the hairdresser got to work. And the heartwarming moment when Jose sees his new look says it all—he can’t hold back the tears.

© Facebook/LaSalvajeríra

“My God, this is incredible. Is this me? I’m so different. No one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am.”

To make the transformation complete, the salon also helped Jose with new clothes.

And when Jose went out on the streets after the hairdresser, people in the area gave him the thumbs up and congratulated him.

“The new look has helped me deal with the way I feel inside. It’s had so many practical consequences,” Jose told news channel Telecino

© Facebook/LaSalvajeríra

Doesn’t it makes you happy to see people stand up for someone who hasn’t always had it easy?

The salon La Salvajeríra posted this transformation on Facebook in the hopes that Jose would get a job.

While Jose hasn’t been offered one yet, he has left the streets, thanks to a company that is giving him some financial support.

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