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Kindergarten Teacher Sings Her Students A Song. But A Boy Steals The Show With His Infectious Joy.

Genuine laughter can really rub off on people. You start laughing, your friends start laughing, and soon you’re all sitting there shedding tears without really knowing why.

This clip, which is making the rounds online right now, is a fine example of that. The setup isn’t particularly remarkable: a kindergarten teacher is singing and playing guitar and asks her students to clap along.

But as soon as she stops singing, a little boy in a blue T-shirt steals the show. He buckles over laughing every time his teacher stops. And his joy is infectious—everyone else in the room, from children to teachers, also start to crack up.

Don’t miss this one! Watch it and just try not to burst out laughing…

What a wonderful little boy! His joy is indeed contagious. I can’t stop watching this adorable clip! Please share it with your friends so they can also have a good laugh!

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