Man breaks down when he read a special letter from his girlfriend’s daughter

When Lauren Hernandez was a year old, she met Joe Iosco for the first time. She doesn’t remember the exact moment, but it was a major event in her life.

Throughout her childhood, Lauren could always count on her mother’s boyfriend, Joe, to be there for her. He was everything that a real father should be—committed, supportive, loving, and kind. Joe loved Lauren and treated her as if she were his own daughter.

Lauren’s biological father left when she was a baby, but she still felt that she grew up with a father in her life. Because for her, Joe was the best father in the world.

When she was 18, Lauren graduated from high school. And she had the perfect gift in mind to thank the man who had supported her throughout her whole life. Joe, however, didn’t expect to get a gift at all.

When Lauren gave Joe an envelope, he was taken aback because it’s usually the students who receive graduation gifts. Inside the envelope, Joe found a beautiful poem. He was moved by it and would’ve been satisfied with just that. But then Lauren had another surprise for him…

Lauren hid another envelope at the bottom of the gift box… and it contained official adoption papers!

Joe’s reaction when realizes what it is is hard to put into words, but the video below brought me to tears. So much emotion, so much love!

Anyone can be a father, but it takes something special to be a dad!

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