Man’s gesture towards pregnant wife gets a thumbs up from the entire internet

There is nothing quite like being pregnant and knowing that you will soon become a parent.

Anyone who’s experienced it knows what I’m talking about — that mixture of nervousness, joy and excitement.

On the other hand, I think many ladies will also agree with me when I say that the nine months are not all fun and games — in fact for some, many parts of it can even feel like living hell.

There’s the nausea, the mood swings, the weight gain, the swelling, fatigue, and then you get to a point where doing something as simple as walking even causes pains all over your body.

Yes folks, if you don’t know it yet — then let me tell you — being pregnant can be a real pain in the you-know-what.

That’s why any pregnant lady deserves to be pampered and looked after properly by her partner — something some men should learn a thing or two about.

But not this man…

In a clip that’s had thousands of reactions and shares on Facebook, we see a pregnant wife and her husband stop in the middle of a busy stairway.

The wife, whose feet must be killing her, sits down to rest on the stairway. Her husband then takes her shoes off for her.


But it gets better — he then begins to give her a foot massage right there in the middle of the stairway! And he does it in such gentle and loving way, without caring about who’s watching.

The only thing this man cares about is his wife’s well-being — the way it should be.

Facebook/Boiling Waters

Caught on camera

A passerby captured the beautiful moment on camera and watching it you can clearly see that it’s a testament of true love.

It’s nice to see how a woman who’s going through the hard task of carrying a baby gets some pampering and TLC.

In the comments section of the clip on Facebook, the nice gesture was praised by many. Some wish the couple good luck, others think that the man is a great example of the type of partner they would like to have for themselves.

Watch the heartwarming clip below.

Talk about setting a good example. Share so that more partners out there can see how they should treat their pregnant ladies! 🙂

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