Mom abandons baby born without arms – 1 year later, the girl’s fate completely changes

When she was only three months old, Vasilina’s parents abandoned her.

She was born without arms, and her parents couldn’t accept her disabilities.

So, they dropped the little girl off at an orphanage.

Vasilina was born in 2015 in Russia. And she had a tough start to life, to say the least. Her parents left her at the orphanage when they saw that she wasn’t like other babies.

Vasilina was born without a left arm, and her short right arm only has two fingers.

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But a few months after Vasilina arrived at the orphanage, a couple fell in love with the girl.

Elmira and Chris Knutzen decided to adopt Vasilina.

The adoption process would be long and complicated, as Elmira is Russian and Chris is American, but they were determined to bring Vasilina home.

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Before they met Vasilina, Elmira and Chris weren’t sure how their their children would cope with a sibling with a disability.

“We were’t sure if we’d adopt her, but when we saw her, we knew immediately, this is our daughter,” says Elmira.

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Today, Vasilina is 15 months old and feeling much better. She’s a happy kid who likes to play.

Vasilina’s parents help her as she learns to walk, which is a bit difficult without arms to help balance her.

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It’s quite rare for children with disabilities to be adopted, but thankfully, Chris and Elmira are really caring!

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