Mom hears a stranger’s voice in her baby’s room – now she’s warning parents everywhere

After they put their 10-month-old daughter to bed, one couple from Cincinnati, Ohio heard a strange voice coming from their baby’s room.

“Wake up!” they heard a man’s voice say.

So the stunned parents rushed to their daughter’s room.

To their surprise, the room was empty except for their baby lying in her crib.

And that’s when they discovered the awful truth.

Their baby monitor’s webcam was moving and a hacker had obviously gained control of it.

The stranger watched the couple’s sleeping baby and tried to wake her up by yelling through the baby monitor’s speakers.

The horrified parents turned off the baby monitor and then reported the incident to the police.

It’s a strong reminder to ensure your baby monitor has a unique username and secure password if it connects to the internet.

Otherwise, there’s a danger that a hacker could gain access to your baby monitor and control both the camera and speaker. The person could not only spy on your child and record video, but also talk to him or her through the speakers.

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