Mom leaves home for 2 weeks – when she sees what her hubby has done with their daughter, she’s shocked

Instagram user @maratca lives in Tumen, Russia with his wife and 7-year-old daughter.

Marat’s wife does most of the cooking and housekeeping, so she was worried when she had to leave her husband and daughter alone for two weeks while she was away on business. Would they actually clean the house and eat proper food?

Marat assured her that everything would go well. But his wife wasn’t so sure and asked Marat let her know that he and their daughter were doing OK.

And Marat did keep her updated, though his posts weren’t quite what she was hoping for… This is hilarious!

Marat, who works as a photographer, took a picture of himself and his daughter every day and posted it to Instagram. Each image also contained the reassuring message: “Mom, I’m fine.”

But I wonder if Marat’s wife was really able to remain calm when she saw these pictures. Check them out:

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Image source: Instagram / maratca

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