Mom photographs exhausted 7 year old, when friend sees the girl’s leg, she immediately shares the photo online

Being a firefighter, crab fisherman, astronaut or working on an oil rig must be some of the world’s toughest and most demanding jobs.

But there’s a job missing from that list.

A job where you work harder, longer, and without even earning a dime.  

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I’m talking about being a mom of course!

Being a mom is certainly one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

Don’t get me wrong, it brings so much joy and love, and personally, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. But with the job comes a whole lot of stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Once you’re a mom there are no ways to quit or retire — you’re in it for the long run.

Someone who knows this all too well is Sam Jess Griffin from Indiana, USA. She’s got a whole mini-army in her house.

With five children all under the age of eight, I can guarantee that there’s hardly a quiet moment at that house.

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But one person who gladly helps her mom out — and even considers ‘mom’ her number one idol — is Sam’s second oldest daughter, Lainie.

Proof of how much she looks up to her mother can be seen from Halloween last year, when the seven-year-old decided to go as her mom, ABC News writes.

Instead of choosing a pretty princess dress or a witch like most girls her age, she wanted to look just like mommy.

And after a little raiding in the closets at home, Lainie managed to find what she needed for her perfect Halloween costume.

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She chose a pink sweat shirt and matching sweat pants and picked up two dolls — one to carry and one wrapped around her leg. 

She created dark undereye circles using makeup for that ‘exhausted mom’ look. She even created some fake baby vomit. 

And moments later, voila — she was a copy of her beloved mother.

After a friend of Sam’s saw a photo of Lainie in her costume, she thought it was too good not to share on her Facebook page.

The picture spread quickly on the internet and I can see why. As a mother — I can guarantee that countless moms out there could relate with the look this little girl put together.

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Despite all the hard work, the vomit, the diapers and sleepless nights — it’s worth every moment!

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