Mom thinks daughter died in burning house – then dog puts his life on the line to save her
Dog saves baby

Mom thinks daughter died in burning house – then dog puts his life on the line to save her

It has been said that dogs are man’s best friend and many of us  surely agree with this statement.

Polo the dog however, has proved to be more than just a friend — this pooch sacrificed his own life to save 8-month-old Viviana.

This story moved me to tears.

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Polo had been the family dog for the longest time and when Viviana was born, it was obvious that she definitely was his favorite. He loved the little girl to pieces and watched over her at all times.

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In August 2016, the family experienced something horrific which would change their lives forever.

Sudden Flames

Viviana’s mom Erika Poremski stepped out of their home in Baltimore for just a moment to get something out of the car. Viviana and Polo were upstairs in the house sleeping at the time. At some point, Erika turned around and to her disbelief — found her house in flames.

In a state of distress and panic, Erika went back inside the house and tried to go upstairs to save her daughter but the fire had spread in the blink of an eye and the flames were too strong. The mother could hear how her baby was crying but couldn’t get upstairs to save her — a parent’s worst nightmare.

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The neighbors tried to help and broke both doors and windows to try and get to the girl out — but it was impossible.

When the fire brigade finally arrived to the scene, they managed to get Viviana out and made a fantastic discovery. The girl had survived — all thanks to Polo the dog.

The hero

Being the loyal and considerate dog that he is, Polo had stayed close to Vivian the whole time and protected her by shielding her with his body. Thanks to polo, Viviana not only survived but also only suffered from burns on one side which covered 19 percent of her body. If it wasn’t for Polo, things could have ended very badly.

Viviana survived, but sadly, Polo died after the fire. He died by wanting to protect his family and deserves to be honored — this dog is a true hero.

 YouTube/WBAL-TV Baltimore

It has now been over a year since the horrible fire and Erika’s father has since started a GoFundMe page to help the family get back on their feet. Nothing will bring their dear Polo back but they will always remember the dog and honor his memory.

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Dogs really are clever and loyal! If it wasn’t for Polo, Viviana wouldn’t be alive today. Please share this incredible story to pay tribute to this brave dog.

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