Mother causes controversy after charging family $200 for Christmas lunch – 'Everything I do is for profit'

Mother causes controversy after charging family $200 for Christmas lunch – ‘Everything I do is for profit’

December has arrived, and as many eagerly open their advent calendars, the countdown to Christmas is officially underway.

However, for those planning to join Carla Bellucci for Christmas lunch on the 25th, you may be leaving with empty pockets!

Bellucci previously made headlines in 2019 after she admitted she faked suffering from depression so she could get a nose job with taxpayer money on the UK’s National Health Service, sparking intense outrage.

After that incident, Bellucci was labeled ‘Britain’s most hated woman,’ and she even had to relocate due to the overwhelming negativity directed her way.

Despite her controversial reputation, Bellucci is no stranger to the joys of the holiday season and is set to host a Christmas lunch for 15 people, which includes up to nine relatives as well as her immediate family of six.

In the midst of the UK’s ongoing cost of living crisis, Bellucci has decided to charge $200 per head for the Christmas lunch, which includes a full turkey meal and one glass of champagne.

Defending her pricing, she remarked told the Daily Mail: “It’s not cheap feeding people, and it also takes a lot of time to put together a nice meal. I’ll give them a glass of Champagne, but if they want any more booze, they can bring their own.”

Bellucci is also well aware that the $200 fee includes a profit margin, acknowledging her commitment to a profit-driven approach: “Everything I do is for profit, and my family understands that.” However, not all family members are on board with the charge, and Bellucci has a feeling that some may be ‘disgusted’ and opt not to attend.

In response to potential criticism, the 42-year-old simply said: “If you want quality, you have to pay for it.” She compared her dinner to alternatives, stating: “You might find a carvery that’s cheaper than my place, but my dinner is going to be a lot more classy than that. It wouldn’t be any cheaper if you went to a restaurant or hotel for a Christmas Day meal, so why should I be out of pocket?”

The unconventional Christmas Day affair will begin at 2 pm, featuring a range of festive activities and end at 10 pm with a game of charades, before the guests will be prompted to leave.

While Bellucci’s approach to Christmas celebrations might differ from the norm, it’s clearly a testament to the diversity of holiday traditions. Whatever floats your boat I guess!

What do you think of this whole situation? Let us know in the comments!


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