Husband suspects wife of cheating – he then does something which makes her question everything about him

Something that makes a relationship strong is trust. Once trust is broken, things can get very complicated. One of the best ways to maintain trust in a relationship is always to have solid communication.

Keep reading to find out the story of how a husband’s lack of trust in his wife made her question everything…

A Reddit user recently came to the platform with the hopes that the community would be able to help her make a decision. She started the post by explaining that she and her husband had been married for three years and had a son together who was one and a half years old.

At the time of the post, the poster was also six months into her second pregnancy. She opened up about how her husband was someone who was shy hence, the initial stages of their relationship were a little rocky.

She also believed that some of her husband’s friends were ‘incels’ who would make him feel insecure about his appearance and his height.


The friends also suggested to her husband that his wife was only using him for his money despite the fact both of them earned similarly and also suggested that she was not to be trusted since she had been in relationships before she had met him.

Once the two of them married, all of this became background noise, and the wife hoped for a peaceful married life. But this is not what happened. A few months into her pregnancy, her husband asked her for a paternity test, something his best friend had encouraged him to do.

Upon hearing this, the wife was in shock. She gave her husband an ultimatum: either divorce her or drop these suspicions. She was incredibly upset and told him that she did not want to be married to someone who did not trust her. He agreed to drop them and also distanced himself from his toxic friends who encouraged him to doubt his wife.


But later, the wife came across a secret paternity test that her husband had carried out without her knowledge. Upon confronting him, he begged her for forgiveness, saying that he had gotten over his suspicions a long time ago.

But the feeling of betrayal is still strong for the wife who is wondering what path to choose: stay with her husband or divorce him.

People suggested they go to a couples counselor and also advised that her husband seek therapy separately for himself as well. People said him not trusting her could do with a lack of self-confidence further broken down by ‘incel’ friends.

The wife made an update saying she loved her husband and was not sure whether she could go through with the divorce. But she also wondered why he kept the test even after he got the results. People still advised her to seek couple’s therapy as that would be the best place to get to the bottom of their issues.

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