Mother Is Embarrassed When Her Son Yells At Man In Wheelchair. But When She Realizes Why, She Learns A Lesson.

Kids are really amazing, and they often see things that we adults never notice. I don’t know if this story is 100 percent true, but I thought I’d share it anyway as a reminder that we shouldn’t forget to look beyond the exterior. Because when you do, you might see something that you never would’ve noticed. And that could completely change your perspective. The mother in this story really gets an eye-opener from her six-year-old son. They had two completely different ideas about a man they saw who was in a wheelchair. And although she was trying to teach her son a certain lesson about politeness, she ended up being the one who learned a valuable lesson here. Sometimes I wish more people thought like the six-year-old in this story. It would make the world a better place to live in.

“A number of years back, my six-year-old son and I had gone shopping at one of those giant discount toy stores with toys piled to the ceiling. We had just come around the corner of an aisle when I saw a young, longhaired bearded man in a wheelchair.

He must have been in some terrible accident because both his legs were missing and his face was badly scarred. Just then my six-year-old saw him, too, and said in a loud voice, ‘Look at that man, Momma!’

I did the normal mother thing and tried to shush my son, telling him it was not polite to point; but my son gave a hard tug, broke free from my hand and went running down the aisle to the man in the wheelchair. He stood right in front of him and said in a loud voice, ‘What a cool dude earring, man! Where did you get such a neat earring?’

The young man broke into a grin that lit up his face. He was so taken aback by the compliment that he just glowed with happiness, and the two of them stood there talking awhile about his earring and other ‘cool stuff.’ It made a lifelong impression on me.

For I had seen only a horribly scarred man in a wheelchair, but my six-year-old saw a man with a cool dude earring.”

Children certainly are amazing! Please share this story so that more people can see how happy even a small comment can make someone.
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