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Mother’s world turns upside down after 3-year-old’s tragic accident, now she is warning others

It’s becoming more and more common for families to have trampolines in their backyard. Kids love bouncing and never seem to get tired. And it’s great to see them playing outdoors instead of sitting in front of a computer, TV, or phone.

Kaitlin Hill and her family doesn’t own a trampoline, but she and her husband wanted to make their three-year-old son, Carlton, happy. So they took him to a trampoline park for a day full of fun.

But the fun didn’t last long. One second, Carlton was jumping happily, and the next, he was writhing in pain. It hurt his mom’s heart to see her little boy suffer so badly, and she immediately rushed him to the hospital.


When Colton’s mother, Kaitlin, was told what was wrong with her son, she immediately went white. He had broken his femur (thigh bone), the strongest bone in his body.

Kaitlin also got another shocking bit of news – children under six years old should never go on trampolines.

The American Acedemy of Pediatrics made the recommendation. The organization explains that since the bones of small children are delicate and still developing, repeated bouncing is obviously not good for them.

Unfortunately, however, most parents are unaware of this.


Colton was in a body cast from his waist down for six weeks. It was no fun at all for the rambunctious little boy.

“We hope by sharing his story it will prevent a child and their family from experiencing the trauma and heartbreak associated with trampoline injuries in young children,” Kaitlin wrote on her Facebook page on July 7.

Kaitlin hopes that that sharing this information will lead to increased knowledge among parents with young children, so that other kids don’t have to go through the terrible suffering that Colton did.


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