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Newlyweds Surprise 91-Year-Old Grandmother Lying Alone In Her Hospital Bed.

The same day that 91-year-old Peg McCormack’s grandson was getting married, she received tough news. Peg had recently fallen ill and was being treated in hospital. She had always hoped that she would be healthy enough to go to church and see the grandchild’s big day, but the doctors advised her she would have to stay put. With a heavy heart, Peg was forced to celebrate their big day alone from the hospital. She dressed up in her finest party clothes and prepared to celebrate from her bed… What she didn’t know was that her grandson Brian had something extremely beautiful planned for her that day.

Brian and his future wife, Lauren had learnt that Peg would be unable to attend the wedding. They therefore contacted a photographer to join them at the hospital and thus include the grandmother in the wedding day.

“She was so excited to watch us get married. She was literally living for this wedding. So we brought the wedding to her,” Lauren told the Huffington Post.

Can you imagine Peg’s joy when she suddenly opened the door and discovered the surprise?

Photo: Rachel Nolan (Instagram)

Both bride and groom were still in their wedding clothes.

“When we walked into that room — oh, she was just floored,” photographer Rachel Nolan says.

“She just kept saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re here!’ and thanking them profusely for coming to see her. The way she held their hands, touched their faces and just looked at them, you could tell they had such a special bond. I don’t think she let go of Brian’s hand the entire time that we were in that room.”

Photo: Rachel Nolan (Instagram)

Sadly, Peg passed away just a month after the wedding, but the visit of her grandchild and his bride meant a lot for both the grandmother and the newlyweds.

“Without even knowing it, [visiting her] was the best decision we made that day. Thank god we did this and got to capture this special moment. THIS is what life is all about. We get so lost in the perfect moments and perfect situations, sometimes we forget what’s happening right now,” bride Lauren wrote on Instagram following the special occasion.

Photo: Rachel Nolan (Instagram)

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