Nurse captures rare video of a baby born still inside its amniotic sac

The birth of a baby is amazing just as it is, but sometimes something happens during delivery that’s so astonishing that even doctors find it hard to believe.

The video footage below was taken recently at a hospital in Spain. A child was born inside an intact amniotic sac, and nurse Gih Flor de Lis caught it on video.

While the chances of a baby being born like this are one in 80,000, it’s also completely harmless.

Curled up in a ball on the hospital table, the baby boy is clearly visible iside the sac as he moves about.

Doctors and nurses gather around the baby, and it seems like they’re taken aback by the special moment.

I can only imagine what it was like to take the baby out of the sac and hand it over to his mother and father.

Watch the amazing clip below:

Life comes in many forms, but it’s always beautiful!

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