Online users divided over mom putting high heels on baby girl

A mother’s decision to put her baby in a pair of red “Lil-boutin” heels sparked controversy and warnings from other parents who say “she can break her little ankles.”

But the mom, Grace Lockett, couldn’t resist having her baby girl, who’s still new on her feet, strut through her home in the baby-boutins she ordered from Amazon.

Keep reading to learn more about this mother’s fashion choices for little Hallie!

Hallie Lockett, who was born April 24, 2023, is still a bit wobbly on her feet as she learns to walk unsupported.  

According to social media, Grace – Hallie’s mom – loves playing dress up with her tiny tot.

In the first year of Hallie’s life, she’s been dressed as a Christmas elf, a flamingo and a turkey in a pan.

On February 12, the mother took to TikTok and shared a video of the baby struggling to stand in a pair of teeny red shoes with a little bow on the front and a soft heel.

According to the listing on Amazon, the heels are made from a cotton blend to “keep your baby safe when she walks or crawls.”

One customer reviews the shoes as “stinking cute,” but warns shoppers “they aren’t that practical.” The same person suggests “if you want something that’ll make you happy,” put them on your baby, “take a video because they are adorable” and put them away.

Grace shared a clip with Hallie trying to walk in what she calls “Lil Boutins,” named after the iconic, red-soled women’s heels by Louboutin.

The viral video, that’s been viewed 14.4 million times, is captioned, “Someone take away my Amazon account!”

People were quick to comment on the clip, which is equally adorable and uncomfortable to watch.

“Way to hurt her poor feet,” one shares while another urges, “Mama pls don’t ever do this to her again.”

A third warns, “I learned to walk in high heeled jelly shoes and now have major hip problems and scoliosis.” Another says, “she can break her little ankles.”

But not everyone was raging over the clip. Many online users were in awe over the adorable tot, praising Hallie for her bold fashion choices.

“Cinderella got nothing on u baby,” shares one. “Excuse me parents of this little Angel, can we be friends [because] this just made my day,” writes another.

After several users begged Grace for the link to purchase a pair for their own, or someone else’s baby, Amazon likely saw a spike in sales for the baby-boutins.

“I just screamed and pulled a muscle running to Amazon to order some. I literally don’t even know anybody with a baby girl right now, but I’ll be ready when they do.”

A second asks, “Ok but would they fit on my golden retriever daughter?”

What do you think of this story? Would you ever put your baby in a pair of heels? Please let us know what you think and then share this story so we can hear what others have to say about this tiny fashionista!


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