Police warn if you get these in your trick-or-treat bag, they’re not candy

It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year: Halloween. The costumes, the fun, the fantasy… and of course, the candy.

Unfortunately, warnings often circulate around this time, urging parents to be cautious about a variety of aspects of the holiday – one being of course, the candies children obtain from neighbors.

This latest warning has emerged, and I think it’s absolutely critical that we spread it further – just in case a child has indeed been exposed to this hideous crime. 

I hope those responsible for this are apprehended and tried for the most serious of crimes. 

In the meantime, may the spirit of Halloween prevail! 

Below is a picture of the candy in question, released by the Jackson Police Department, in Mississipi, USA. It is of yet unclear whether the ‘candies’ have been reported in other areas of North America.

The Jackson Police Department posted a photo as a warning on Facebook of what appears to look like candy but feature images of dice, superheroes and movie companies.

In reality however, these are pills that are not only dangerous, but can be deadly to children. The pills are in fact MDMA, best known as Ecstacy, a psychoactive drug used primarily as a recreational drug.

In all cases, police are urging parents “when in doubt, throw it out” when it comes to all Halloween candy, according to Fox25.

Jackson, MS Metro Police Department/Facebook

No one needs or deserves more of our vigilance than our children – please carefully sort through the candy they’ve received. And please share this warning with all the parents you know to remind them to do the same!

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