Police warning: If you see a ‘help wanted’ sign, never call the number!

I know many people know how it feels to be broke.

Most of us have gone through periods in our lives where we have struggled financially and had a hard time finding new work. Maybe your fulltime job isn’t paying you enough? Or perhaps you’re a teen who wants to make some extra bucks.

Either way — many people are forced to come up with new ways of making some extra cash by offering a range of different services. 

While some people choose to post ads in newspapers or offer their services on the internet, there are still a great amount of people who do it the old-fashioned way — by posting ads on the streets and on bulletin boards.

These notes usually offer just about anything — tutoring services, dog walkers, lawn mowing services are just a few examples of some I see regularly.

Then there are the notes looking for people to hire — the ‘help wanted’ ones. Anyone in a vulnerable position financially might be happy to come across one of these, but they should be aware.

While some people are just broke and need some extra cash, there are also crooks out there who continue making the world an unsafe place.

Please read as this is a warning everyone should watch out for.

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It was after Danielle Thompson from Kansas, USA posted a picture on her Facebook page that it became more known how dangerous it might be to dial one of the numbers on these type of ‘wanted’ notes.

The picture looks rather harmless, but in fact, they it’s a trick to lure children and young people into human trafficking.

© Facebook/DanielleThompson

This is what her post says:

“Human trafficking is not a joke and not something to be taken lightly. Especially considering Kansas is the center hub of trafficking movement .

Ads like these are just one of the ways people are getting abducted all across the united states. Be cautious of any sign offering only a number.

Online ads geared at part time travel and babysitting work or make some quick cash just send two photos.

They use every bit of info you give them to target you or your children.

Many are enticing young people to make extra cash, so please if you or your teenagers are looking for work advise them to be extremely cautious and teach them how to define the red flags.

The numbers just in abductions has risen tremendously this year with 151 calls and only 51 confirmed and it’s only the beginning of summer.”

The Vassar police deprtament in Michigan have also issued a warning:

“It is another avenue that traffickers use to recruit people into their world,” Valerie Hoffman, Director of the local Underground and Railroad, told ABC12.

Help us spread this warning so that more people are aware of this horrific scam!

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