Ron Howard’s daughter is all grown up – she’s now working as a professional actress

Ron Howard might still exist in the minds of many people as a child or a teenager, having been a famous child star.

It’s easy to forget that Howard, who shot to fame as Opie Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show and later played Richie Cunningham in Happy Days, is now 68-years-old.

Over the years, Howard made a name for himself as an actor, before eventually transitioning to directing.

It was in this capacity that he’s had arguably his biggest successes, with his credits including the likes of Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Away from the big screen, Howard married his teenage sweetheart, Cheryl in 1975.

There are a few Hollywood couples that have stayed together for decades, but many of those couples met and married when they were already in the spotlight.

For screen star and award-winning director Ron Howard, he met the love of his life at school and 44 years later they are still very much in love.

The couple married when Ron was only 21 years old.When they first met Ron was a junior at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, he acknowledged that they weren’t expected to have a long-lasting marriage.

“I felt really lucky when we met,” he added. “It’s crazy — we were teenagers, it shouldn’t have worked. We got married young, that shouldn’t have worked either, and yet it really and truly has.

In 1981, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, to the world.

Ron and Cheryl would go on to have three more children together – a set of twins, Jocelyn and Paige, in 1985 and then son Reed in 1987.

Acting out of caution, Howard and his wife always did their best to ensure their children were kept out of the searing glow of the spotlight. They wanted their brood to enjoy as normal a childhood as possible, without the distractions and stress that ultimately come with growing up in the media’s eye.

That changed slightly, however, when Bryce was seven. Howard allowed her to serve as an extra in some of his films, giving her a taste of life in front of the camera and forming a goal that she would then pursue tenaciously.

It would appear she relished this early exposure to acting, since, well, she sought a full career in it.

That’s right, Bryce Dallas Howard, now 41, is fast becoming a household name. Having worked previously at a number of theater companies, she enjoyed supporting roles in films throughout the 2000s.

It was in 2004, though, that she got her first real taste of fame. She was cast as Ivy Walker in the 04′ blockbuster The Village, and since then has moved from strength to strength.

She’s also featured as Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and then appeared opposite Chris Pratt in Jurassic World. She can also be found alongside Matthew McConaughey in Gold, and in an episode of Netflix’s popular show Black Mirror.

Today, Bryce is considered a veteran actor and director.

On her social media accounts, she makes it clear that she’ll never forget her roots. She maintains a strong bond with Ron and, as her career grows from strength to strength, she continues to honor the people who helped her get where she is.

Quite the difference from the little girl who was kept out the spotlight, to the woman who can’t help but end up in it!

Ron and Bryce isn’t the only actor in his family. Ron Howards mother Jean, gained critical acclaim for more than 30 different TV shows – such as Married… with Children, Grace Under Fire and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Bryce’s younger sister Paige, meanwhile, is notable for her performances in Adventureland and The Employer.

Just like her father, Bryce has been fortunate regarding her relationships.

She is married to actor Seth Gabel, whom she met at New York University.

The couple dated for several years before deciding to tie the knot in the summer of 2006. The couple has two children, a son, and a daughter, born in 2007 and 2012. The family has left Los Angeles and now lives in upstate New York.

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