'Shame on all of you': Obituary blames those who don't wear masks for death of man from COVID-19

‘Shame on all of you’: Obituary blames those who don’t wear masks for death of man from COVID-19

As the coronavirus death toll keeps rising in the U.S. many states have enforced mandatory mask policies and business closures.

The heartache at losing a loved one, not being able to properly say goodbye due to social distancing rules, should be enough to force us all to be as safe as we possibly can in the hope we can stop the spread.

One wife and mother of five knows the grim reality of losing a loved one to coronavirus. Her husband’s death left her angry at those who are not following safety rules.

David Nagy is one of the 150,000 plus people who have lost his life after testing positive for coronavirus.


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In an interview with Tyler Paper Stacey Nagy said their final moments were spent with a sheet of glass between them.

Her 79-year-old husband was on a ventilator for the last two weeks of his life.

When the great-grandfather’s kidneys started failing, the doctor suggested Stacey go to the hospital to see him one last time.

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“I told him I loved him and kept begging him to fight,” Stacey said.

But a few hours after his children had visited David died.

Now the obituary for her late husband calls out the people who are not taking this virus seriously and are not doing all they can to protect others.

‘May Karma find you all!’

She said her husband’s death was needless and blames his death on those who are: “ignorant, self-centered and (those) selfish people who refused to follow the advice of the medical professionals, believe their ‘right’ not to wear a mask was more important than killing innocent people.”

A statement issued by the family said: “Dave did everything he was supposed to do, but you did not. Shame on all of you, and may Karma find you all!”

His obituary has since gone viral and Stacey hopes that it will spur others to think about their actions. Despite her husband not being outspoken on politics she believes he would be proud of her for speaking up for him.

“I’m not taking this lying down,” she told Tyler Paper.

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This virus should not divide us but encourage us to come together to protect each other. Our hearts go out to David’s family. Rest in peace.

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