She adopted her dead friend’s 6 kids – then gets surprise of her life on live TV

Life took an unexpected turn and completely changed overnight for mum-of-three Stephanie when her best friend Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Stephanie was there for Beth on all levels during the tough times. Beth was a single mother of six children and, when the doctors gave her the tragic news her cancer was incurable, her first thought was for her kids.

What would they do? How would the children survive? What would their lives be like when she died?

So she turned to her best friend Stephanie.

Even though Stephanie and her husband Donnie already had three kids of their own to look after, when Beth asked if they would consider adopting her children, they didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“She chose me because we had the same kind of approach to upbringing, and she knew I loved her children, and my children loved her children,” Stephanie said.

A short time after Beth asked Stephanie and Donnie the question, her health became worse. She wouldn’t survive for much longer.

When her best friend took her last breath, Stephanie’s sorrow was unimaginable. But she knew she had to be strong for the children.

After the adoption, the family now consisted of nine children. A major challenge emotionally, but mainly economically. They had thought long and hard about how they could make ends meet when the TV host Rachel Ray came into the picture – and it was a godsend. 

Once they heard the family’s story, the show decided that a life-changing surprise was exactly what was deserved.

The surprise? $90,000. Check out the life-changing moment in the video below.

This really shows how some parents have hearts of gold. I wish this family all the best in life! Please share if you agree and felt touched by this story.

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