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She was buying a dress for a funeral – then 5 words from the cashier changed her outlook on life

When I’m having a really bad day, it can be difficult not to unload my emotions onto anyone I come into contact with.

Even though I know it won’t help me feel any better, somehow I still sometimes find myself taking out my irritations on my family, friends, coworkers, or even strangers.

So I was happy to read this story, because it helps me remember how important it is to make the best of bad situations and not spill my messes onto other people.

This story, about a woman who is devastated because her father passed away three days earlier, has a message we should try to keep in mind when things aren’t going our way—and it’s one that I think could help everyone. Please share it with your friends!

“My dad died three days before Christmas last year. The day after he passed, I went out shopping for a dress to wear to the funeral service.

I work in customer service, so I know firsthand how pivotal it is to not take out your negative emotions on retail workers.

The cashier was making small talk with me, asking me how I was doing, etc. I engaged with her as if the worst day of my life hadn’t just happened 24 hours ago.”

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“You know what she said to me?

‘I really like your attitude.’

Just like that, completely out of the blue.

I asked her to elaborate, and she explained that most people who come by are noticeably agitated or stressed out – the holiday season can tend to do that to people.”

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“But she told me I seemed like a positive, endearing person, and she appreciated the energy I was giving off.

It was bittersweet in a way, but I’ll never forget what she said to me or how it made me feel.

Having a bad day is no excuse to make other people’s days worse.

Being kind and polite will make you feel much better when all is said and done.”

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This is an important lesson for all of us: We can be kind and polite even when things aren’t going our way. We’ll feel better—and so will those around us. Please share if you agree!

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