She Was Dumped In The Trash As A Baby. 20 Years Later, She Reunites With The Guardian Angel Who Saved Her.

In October 1995, a construction worker in Chicago was emptying debris into a dumpster when he heard a whimpering sound. When he looked down into the garbage, he realized the sound was coming from inside a garbage bag lying in all the rubble. Deeply shocked, he opened the bag and found a newborn girl who had been left there by her own mother. The man who found the baby, Gerald Rocky Hyatt, rushed the child to the hospital. Nurses gave her the name Mary Grace and the girl’s story soon became known throughout Chicago. Mary Grace was soon adopted. Her adoptive mother, Sandi, gathered every news clip and photo from the unprecedented event that she could find. Mary Grace, who was renamed Morgan Hill when she joined her adoptive family, knew all along that she was adopted. But at age 20, she began to rummage in the past and found out about the construction worker who saved her life that autumn day in 1995. Morgan decided to seek out Gerald Rocky Hyatt, the man she calls her “guardian angel,” and reporters from a local TV station helped her. It took two years to locate him, but in the end, they found a solid lead. Then, 20 years after Gerald found the little girl in the dumpster, the unbelievable happened. See the emotional reunion for yourself in the video below.

This story will bring tears to your eyes. When Morgan Hill was born, she was wrapped in a towel, put into a trash bag,…

Publicerat av WPTV den 30 april 2016

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