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She Was Rocking Her Dying Son. But Then A Miracle Changes Everything And Leaves Doctors In Shock.

The doctors told them: Your son will probably not survive his birth. But the parents refused to give up. And then something happened that would change everything.

Karen and Brian Wollman were filled with happiness when they found out Karen were pregnant with their third child. But soon, their joy changed into a nightmare when an ultrasound revealed that their baby had Down syndrome as well as a medical condition known as hydrops, which caused his body to swell with fluid. The doctors told them the baby probably wouldn’t survive the birth.

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But the parents refused to give up. Instead, Karen sang a song for her baby boy while he was in her womb.
“I sang This Little Light Of Mine every single day”, Karen says.

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And as it turned out, her singing had effect. When the baby boy was delivered by caesarean section at just 35 weeks he was still breathing. However, the doctors were still skeptical. The boy’s kidneys didn’t work and the doctors gave him just a few days to live. So they asked Karen and Brian if they had any last wish for their baby.

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And indeed, Karen had a final wish. She wanted to bring her rocking chair to the hospital so she could rock her baby for the first and possibly the last time.

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Now the next miracle took place. As Karen was rocking her baby he progressively became better and better. After six month he was fit enough to go home with his family.
“He’s not a medical miracle, he’s a true miracle”, doctors say about the boy.

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Today the boy, named Renner, is two-years-old. He is cheerful and outgoing, but he’s still getting medical care because of the tough time following his birth.
“It’s not a day going by that we are not grateful, every heartbeat is a heartbeat of gratitude”, Karen says.

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Young Renner is truly a miracle. What a fighter he is, surviving against all odds. I wish him a long and very happy life!

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