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Single mom scorned after giving birth to octuplets now wants to change her life

Everyone who is a parent knows how much work it takes to raise small children. So imagine what it’s like to care for twins or triplets. It’s difficult understanding how anyone would survive!

Natalie Suleman, aka “Octomom,” is the only mother in the US who has ever given birth to healthy octuplets. In 2009, she had six boys and two girls, thanks to in vitro fertilization.

But the octuplets aren’t Natalie’s only children. At the time of her recordbreaking delivery, she already had six small children. Suddenly, Natalie was a single mother of 14 who was forced to live on government subsidies to survive. But the money wasn’t enough and she had to take drastic measures to survive.

Scroll down to hear Natalie’s gripping story.

In 2012, Natalie’s life was a mess. She was single, had 14 small children, and didn’t have a dime. It got so bad that she was forced to turn to the porn industry to be able to feed her children.


At the same time, Natalie became known as “Octomom” after she appeared on several television shows, including Dr. Phil and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

It wasn’t long before rumors started spreading that Natalie was a bad mother and that her children weren’t healthy. People mocked her online and some parents even called her “disgusting.”

After a while, social services visited Natalie’s home. Rumor had it, she spent welfare money meant for her children on plastic surgery for herself. Natalie says that these rumors absolutely not true, though.


The turning point for Natalie came when she saw one of her daughters playing with her stripper clothes. Natalie realized that she couldn’t keep working as a stripper and a porn actor while she raised her 14 children. She decided to quit and start a new life. She would rather be homeless than see her children grow up with a stripper for a mom.

Luckily, Natalie was able to turn her life around. Today, she’s a consultant and focuses on caring for her children, giving them healthy food, and a happy childhood.

Although life as a single mother of 14 is surely hard, Natalite wouldn’t want to change anything.

“I would never say I regret one of my children. They are my life,” she says.

Listen to Natalie talk about her transformation here:

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