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Son Slips $20 Into His Poor Mom’s Purse. What She Did With The Money? Priceless.

Generosity isn’t about giving someone the thickest wad of cash or the fanciest gift. Instead, as they say, it’s the thought that counts. The mother in the story below would give everything she had to her son, even though she doesn’t much to give. And on one special occasion, her son got to witness an especially touching example of that. I won’t say more, so I don’t spoil the story for you, but I promise you it’s worth your time. Scroll down and enjoy this touching story.

“My family was never very blessed financially and we were probably the poorest when I was in high school. My parents couldn’t afford to buy me things, pay for sports, take me out to eat. I used to skip lunch and starve or find loose change from around the house and buy a Pop-Tart from the vending machine (highest food to cost ratio!). But the thing was, I knew my parents would spoil me if they could. If they had the money, they would without a doubt buy me the yummiest foods and the nicest clothes—they just couldn’t.

When I got my first paycheck in high school, I snuck a $20 into my mom’s and dad’s empty wallets—I knew they needed it. The very next day while I was at work, my mom called me and asked me if I wanted to eat lunch during my break, “Taco Bell!” she said.

I met up with her and we ordered together. My mom says ‘Lunch is on me!’ She smiled brightly and pulled out a bill from her wallet: the $20 bill.

To this day, I haven’t told her I put that money in there, but she has no idea how much she touched my heart. The first person she thought of was her son.”

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