Teenage girl can’t believe her eyes when she sees who’s standing in her living room

Saying goodbye to a loved one is among the hardest things a person can experience—so it’s understandable that things get emotional when the chance to reunite comes up.

There’s so much to talk about and so much to catch up on that just being together again can be overwhelming.

Which is exactly what happened when a teen from Gilbert, Arizona named Elizabeth got a surprise visit from her brother Shane.

Elizabeth and Shane have been close since they were little. But three years ago, Shane joined the the army and got stationed in Italy.

The long distance was tough on the two siblings, who hadn’t seen each other for years. Then one day, Shane secretly returned home to surprise his sister.

Their brother John knew Shane was coming home and helped him sneak into the house while Elizabeth was watching TV.

Out of the corner of her eye, Elizabeth saw someone approaching her, but she probably assumed it was another member of her family and kept staring at the TV… until Shane lunged at her.

Elizabeth’s reaction when she looked up and realized it wass her long-lost brother is just wonderful.

This reunion really shows how strong the bond between two siblings can be. How nice!

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