Their Dream Wedding Was Days Away. But When The Bride’s Dad Got Cancer, Everything Changed.

Lisa Wilson and her fiance, Robert Pantoja, planned a big wedding with lots of guests, music, and food. It was to be the kind of wedding that little girls dream about.

But suddenly, the bride disappeared and the wedding was canceled. The reason? The most important wedding guest of all couldn’t make it.

Instead of taking place in a packed church, the ceremony would be held in a hospital room. Lisa’s father’s had terminal cancer and his condition was quickly deterioraing. The couple decided to postpone their wedding for a week and only invite their nearest and dearest to join them for ceremony at Lisa’s dad’s sickbed.

On the big day, the couple promised their eternal love to each other and then Lisa did something that made tears run down my cheeks.

The whole thing was filmed on a camera phone and now that video is spreading like wildfire on social media. Watch the video below and see what true love looks like.

When I saw this video, I had to wipe the tears from my cheeks. Lisa’s eyes are so full of love and affection. Her dad died a month later, but he was able to experience his lovely daughter’s wedding day before he passed on.

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