This Mother Had Twins. 18 Years Later One Son Makes A Request That Has Her Burst Into Tears.

Brothers Austin and Ty were born on the same day, just seconds apart. But their upbringing differed quite a bit. Ty had Down Syndrome, which among other things meant he was still learning to stand when brother Austin was already walking. Nevertheless, this never affected the brothers’ relationship. Rather, they were the best of friends, inseparable during their childhood, even though they attended different schools. What Austin did on the day of his graduation was therefore perhaps not entirely unexpected. He insisted on receiving his degree with his twin at his side. According to Austin, brother Ty had fought even harder than him, given all of the challenges he faced daily. The school immediately accepted his wish, and in the video below you can watch the twins preparing for the big day. 50 seconds into the clip, I can’t hold back the tears anymore as the choked up mother speaks proudly of her sons.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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