Twins have absolutely perfect reaction to their daddy coming home

Is there anything more precious than coming home and being greeted by your family? No. And if you think otherwise, I’d like to hear about it.

In February 2010, Maritza Van Cott recorded her twins’ reaction when their father returned home. The girls, Anabel and Lydia, had such a cute response it’s easy to tell why they’ve been referred to as the VanCuties ever since.

I could watch that video over and over again. It brings a huge smile to my face when the seven-month-olds see their father walk into the room.

You can tell they know something is going on when the dog starts barking. Then slowly but surely they begin to smile ear to ear before they break out into an adorable happy dance filled with lots and lots of giggles.


Can you imagine coming home to a scene like this every day? Talk about cuteness overload!

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