Two-year-old boy dies after being accidentally hanged by pull cord for blinds near his crib – rest in peace

When we welcome children into the world, we as parents accept the greatest responsibility of all.

Having a son or daughter is simply the best blessing that can be bestowed upon someone, but it also paves the way for a lot of sleepless nights and worry. After all, there is simply nothing we would not do to ensure they stay safe from harm, though the world is an unpredictable, often dangerous place.

Sadly, no matter how cautious we are, no matter how careful, accidents can and do happen, especially where children are involved. Sometimes, regrettably, these accidents can be very serious indeed.

Heartbreaking reports have detailed how a 2-year-old boy in Baldwin Township, Pennsylvania has died after he was accidentally hanged by a pull cord from a set of blinds near his crib at the weekend.

Allegheny County police have confirmed that the toddler was found inside his home at around 3 p.m. on Sunday.  First responders arrived and performed life-saving measures on the boy, who was rushed to a local hospital, where he was was pronounced dead.

Detectives working with the District Attorney’s are investigating the tragedy and currently awaiting autopsy results.

At the time of writing no charges have been filed, with homicide detectives having determined the death was an accident.

As per shocking statistics, one child dies from blind cord strangulation every two weeks in the US alone. I certainly would never have believed the number was so high!

My heart goes out to the grieving family of this poor boy. Our condolences will never be enough, but hopefully people can share this message to warn others of the hidden danger possibly lurking within their own homes.

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Rest in peace, little one.