Widower orders lunch at Subway – looks at $1 bill cashier gives him and his blood runs cold

There are moments in life that are so spectacularly against the odds, so overwhelmingly unlikely, that they leave us speechless.

It’s experiences such as these that give many people continued faith in the idea that there is a ‘higher being’ watching out for all of us, dictating when and where we’re dealt right and wrong hands.

Now, I still remain to be convinced about the existence of God, but the story of Peter Bilello can certainly give one pause for thought. Born in Sicily, Peter moved to the U.S. in the early 1960s when he was a young boy …

Having relocated, he would often go back home to visit his parents. On on occasion when he did so, his mother introduced him to a beautiful young woman who would become his soul mate.

Peter decided then and there that she was the one for him. The couple got married and moved back to America, settling down in Harford, Connecticut. They ended up with two children and four grandchildren – overall, their life was a happy one.

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To symbolize their undying love for one another, Peter decided to have them both sign dollar bills and keep them together in his wallet forever. He promised they’d never be separated from each other.

Peter told WTNH News, “Then I put them in my wallet. And I said, ‘These dollars are going to be in my wallet forever.’”

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Unfortunately, however, five years later he spent the bills by accident. “I feel so mad, I feel sorry. I said, ‘I was never going to see those two dollars back again,'” he explained.

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Together, Peter and Grace celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family and friends. Sadly, though, Grace passed away a few months later, leaving behind a heartbroken Peter.

Then, something magical happened seven months after he lost her. For him, it was a sign that Grace was still there; still watching over him.

On a trip to Subway with his granddaughter, he collected three dollar bills in change and was left truly without words. One of the notes was the bill Grace herself had signed.

For Peter it went some way to mending his broken heart. He said: “I never thought I was going to get that dollar back again, never. The first thing I said, “Grace, she did this to make me happy, and for her to be happy too.”

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Peter went to Grace’s gravesite to tell her what had happened. He says he now firmly believes in miracles.

For more on this emotional story, watch the video below:

If this doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will. We wish Peter all the very best moving forward, and are so happy he got his own little miracle.

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