He was the first man in the world to give birth – 16 years later, he looks like this

In a groundbreaking moment 16 years ago, Thomas Beatie etched his name in history as the world’s first man to undergo pregnancy.

Born female, Thomas underwent a gender transition, now identifying as a transgender man. The global spotlight shone on him when news broke of his remarkable journey to parenthood with the birth of his first daughter, Susan.

This momentous event, however, was not without its challenges. Thomas faced a barrage of death threats from individuals who opposed the idea of a man giving birth.

Undeterred by the backlash, Thomas has consistently championed his authentic self. Today, his family has expanded to include not only daughter Susan but also two sons.

With a total of three children, Thomas Beatie’s story continues to evolve….

Born in 1974 in Hawaii as Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino, Thomas Beatie embarked on a transformative journey that would later make headlines globally. At the age of ten, Thomas began identifying as a boy, and by the time he turned 23, he had initiated testosterone therapy.

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In his teenage years, Thomas was a driven young man, a quality evident in his accomplishments. He pursued a career as a model and reached the finals of the Miss Hawaii Teen USA pageant. Additionally, Thomas excelled in martial arts, participating in karate and Taekwondo. His prowess in Taekwondo earned him a junior championship at the 1992 Aloha State Games.

In 2002, Thomas underwent surgery to remove his breasts. He officially changed his sex marker from “female” to “male” on both his state and federal identity documents. But he chose to retain his female reproductive organs – a decision that would play a pivotal role in his ability to become pregnant later on.

In a surprising turn of events in 2006, he halted his testosterone treatment with the aspiration of conceiving. Facing fertility challenges with his then-wife Nancy, Thomas made the courageous decision to carry the child himself.

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The iconic image of Thomas Beatie sporting a heavily pregnant belly first circulated in 2008, creating ripples across the world. Media dubbed Beatie “the pregnant man” and news of his story quickly spread worldwide.

Yet, the journey was far from smooth, with hate emails and death threats pouring in from numerous quarters, including established media outlets.

”Doctors have discriminated against us, turning us away due to their religious beliefs. Health care professionals have refused to call me by a male pronoun or recognize Nancy as my wife. Receptionists have laughed at us. Friends and family have been unsupportive; most of Nancy’s family doesn’t even know I’m transgender,” Thomas later said.

During an extensive 48-hour labor, Susan, the first child of Thomas and Nancy, was born into the world healthy and happy. Thomas, determined to opt for a natural birth, defied expectations. His case marked the first documented instance where a legally recognized male gave birth within a marital union with a woman.

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Over the course of five years without testosterone, Thomas experienced four more pregnancies (one of which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy). Together with his first wife, Nancy, he raised Susan and sons Austin and Jensen, presenting themselves as a traditional family with strong values.

In a significant television debut, Thomas Beatie took center stage with an exclusive hour-long interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show in April 2008. Addressing a global audience, he openly discussed his belief in the reproductive right to bear a child, irrespective of his male gender identity.

Thomas Beatie and his family, ex-wife Nancy, Austin, Susan and Jensen enjoy a day at Grona Lund amusement park on August 7, 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Christopher Hunt/TB/Getty Images)

During the interview, Beatie emphasized: “It’s not a male or female desire to want to have a child; it’s a human desire. I’m a person, and I have the right to have my own biological child.”

His words echoed a powerful assertion of his personal autonomy and challenged conventional perceptions surrounding gender and parenthood.

In 2016, Thomas entered a new chapter, marrying a new partner, Amber. Despite having known each other since 2012, a tumultuous divorce with Nancy delayed Thomas and Amber’s nuptials.

The couple moved to Oregon with their blended family, consisting of Susan, Austin, Jensen, and Amber’s grandchild Lily.

Reflecting on their bustling household, Thomas shared: “It can get pretty loud with four kids aged 3, 5, 6, and 7, but we love it,” in an interview with Daily Mail.

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Sixteen years have elapsed since Thomas became a public figure, yet he continues to make occasional appearances on social media and in people’s feeds.

In a recent interview with USA Today, he shared insights into his current endeavors, revealing that he now works as a stockbroker in Phoenix. He continues to live with his wife Amber, whom he met at the daycare where his children were enrolled.

His older children divide their time between his residence and their mother’s home, located approximately ten miles away.

According to Thomas, he lives a relatively quiet life but once in a while, he does public-speaking jobs and takes on modest acting opportunities.

Looking back on the whirlwind of attention that surrounded him 16 years ago when he graced the front pages, Thomas acknowledged the lasting impact of those significant moments in his life.

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Reflecting on the past, Thomas, now in his 50s, remarked: “When my story came out, there wasn’t a single person in the public eye as a transgender man — most people had never heard of it.”

”This was pre-Chaz Bono. This was pre-Caitlyn Jenner. This was before anyone knew anything. It was a first exposure for a lot of people. And then on top of that, they can give birth! I think exposing the importance of fertility for trans people was a huge eye-opener.”

”Everything was a whirlwind,” he said. ”But I still don’t regret it,” Thomas shared.