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This 90-Yr-Old’s Brilliant Bikini Picture Is Spreading Like Wildfire. Thumbs up, Grandma!

We should all be proud of our bodies – no matter what age we are! While society’s sometimes skewed prejudices might tell us differently, the important thing is to be happy with how we look. 90-year-old Irene Carne from South Wales, UK, certainly doesn’t like to follow the rules. She proves you’re never too old to wear a bikini!

Irene prepared to temporarily leave her nursing home to head off on a holiday with her family. They chose to go on a cruise to enjoy the sun and spend time together.

Irene was thrilled to go on holiday and had packed her bag with care. She bought a new red bikini with white polka dots that she liked, and happily wore it on the cruise ship.

Irene even had no problem posing confidently for the camera. Her daughter later published a photo of her on Facebook, which got many talking…

Photo: Facebook

Irene’s bold red polkadot bikini is now being hailed by thousands, inspiring women all over the world to be proud of their bodies, with her picture on Facebook receiving over 80,000 likes and loads of encouraging comments.

“Wow, you’re gorgeous,” writes one user on Facebook.

“A bikini on a cruise on a 90-year-old. Phssssssshhh … I love it!!!!!” says another.

And I completely agree. Age is just a number. Two thumbs up for Irene!

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