Woman stops using bra – a few weeks later her breasts are unrecognizable

Not all, but most women use bras daily. As we understand it, bras are meant to support and maintain women’s breasts in place – with certain models meant to enhance them as well. But most women are also all too familiar with that liberating feeling of removing their bra at the end of the day. In other words – bras are not the most comfortable piece of attire.

Still, millions of women plough through discomfort and continue to wear bras – convinced in many ways that it is simply a must. But for anyone willing to question the status quo, here are 7 things that happen if you stop wearing a bra for a while.

1. Breasts grows bigger

How is this possible, you wonder? The explanation is pretty straightforward: without a bra, you’re forced to exercise your chest muscles more to resist gravity, which will strengthen and make your chest grow bigger and will also force you to keep your back strauight – further emphasizing the size of your breasts.

2. Improved shape

A French study performed over time found the myth that bras improve breast shape unfounded. A bra holds back the natural roundness of the breast as well as their ability to point outwards. If you want to make your breasts flourish in their natural shape, you should skip the bra for a while, but be patient as it can take time for any change to appear.

3. Breast feels better

Yes, your chest can feel good or bad. The same French study revealed that bras cause more harm than good if not perfectly suited to your breasts. If you have the wrong size or a bra that is just bad, your blood circulation will deteriorate and this can even affect your breathing. Free breasts give you optimal breathing and you are free from tension that comes from an ill-fitting bra.

4. You become more comfortable

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing exactly comfortable about wearing a bra, with two tight straps over the shoulders and often underwires uncomfortably cupping your breasts. No wonder women sigh a breath of relief when removing their bras at the end of the day. Now imagine having that feeling every day, all day.

5. You sleep better

Many people know that you should not sleep with a bra, but not everyone is aware of this. To sleep well, you should be completely relaxed, which probably will not happen if wearing a bra. In other words, skip the bra. Also, while you’re at it, why not get completely naked?

6. You save money

Sure, bras can be purchased relatively cheap, but cheaper bras in essence may give you even less comfort. Meanwhile, really good bras are often very expensive. Naturally, you might be compelled to having several bras, and the more you buy, the more expensive it gets.

7. You get perkier breasts

Studies show that bras weaken the breast muscles, causing the breasts to start pointing downwards. When the breasts are used to getting raised by a bra every day, they lose their natural ability to stay up.

Source: Medical News Today, NCBI, Cosmo.

Many people think that breasts need bras, but this is simply not the case. So in other words, why not practice skipping the bra now and then? Share with others you think would also appreciate this information.

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