Lizzo says she's fed up and threatens to quit music over cruel body shamers

Lizzo says she’s fed up and threatens to quit music over cruel body shamers

Lizzo is considering quitting the music business due to the constant barrage of body-shaming comments aimed at her.

The most recent came from a conservative commentator who questioned how Lizzo could be “THIS fat when she’s constantly moving this much on stage.”

The 35-year-old responded on Twitter – her tweets are now protected – in which she said “I’m tired of explaining myself all the time and I just wanna get on this app w/out seeing my name in some bulls—.”

“I JUST logged on… and this is the type of s— I see about me on a daily basis. It’s really starting to make me hate the world,” the musician wrote. “Then someone in the comments said I eat ‘lots of fast food.’ I LITERALLY STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO…”

She continued, “Y’all really need to touch grass… I’m not trying to BE fat. I’m not trying to BE smaller. I’m literally just trying to live and be healthy. This is what my body looks like even when I’m eating super clean and working out! Y’all speak on s— y’all know NOTHING ABOUT and I’m starting to get heated.”

The Grammy award-winning artist said that despite what others may think love does not outweigh the amount of hate she sees on social media and the thought of leaving the spotlight behind is something she’s really considering.

“Y’all don’t know how close I be to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a F—ING FARM,” she wrote.

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Some people suggested Lizzo avoid searching her name on the app, but according to Entertainment Weekly, she said she already does.

“I literally NEVER search my name. This stuff just comes up on my TL & my FYP. It’s wild. I swear I just wanna look at dance videos and science news and this s— comes in every day.”

Like everyone else, Lizzo simply wants to be recognized for her talent, not her looks.

“BEING FAT ISN’T MY ‘BRAND.’ BEING FAT IS WHAT MY BODY LOOKS [like]. THAT’S IT. THAT’S ALL. My ‘brand’ is FEEL-GOOD MUSIC. My ‘brand’ is CHAMPIONING ALL PEOPLE,” she wrote. “I’ve always led w/ my TALENT… But when I dropped ‘Good as Hell’ feel-good music was ‘corny.’ When I dropped ‘Juice’ disco-pop wasn’t ‘for them.’ When I was body positive in 2016 being body positive was ‘pandering.’ Now everybody on that wave and I’m still s— on?! Man, f— y’all.”

When will people learn that it’s not okay to comment on another person’s body?