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Check Out This Woman’s Priceless Revenge Against The Man Who Stole Her Parking Space.

Most of us already know how parking a car can be a nightmare. I’ve been to shopping centers, airports, and other crowded places where I spent over half an hour trying to find a spot to park my car, circling from aisle to aisle and floor to floor, getting increasingly frustrated. In this video, a woman in a red Peugeot appears to have her eyes set on her parking spot, when suddenly a man in a small white car comes out of nowhere and steals her place. Usually in such situations people might shout or swear loudly and look for another place, defeated. However, this women didn’t give up so easily – and not only that, she teaches him a lesson he will not soon forget. Watch the video below, and feel free to share your comments about this woman’s unique response to the man stealing her spot.

This video has amused over 9 million people on YouTube. Some say the scenario was set up, while others say it’s an event from real life. Either way, I hope it amused you too. If so, you can share with your friends using the button below.

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