This Baby’s Reaction to Mum Blowing Her Nose Is Priceless. I Just Can’t Get Enough.

A baby’s reaction to new things is often the cutest sight ever. Well, this baby’s reaction is in a league of its own, and makes for what has to be the cutest baby clip I’ve seen in a long time! Emerson, at 5 months and a half, reacts to his mother blowing her nose. When he hears her blow her nose, he is at first… Well, it’s hard to quite describe. You have to see the video to understand. What’s for sure is that his reaction made me laugh out loud and I just couldn’t get enough of this adorable bundle of pure joy. Obviously I’m not alone, with the clip having gotten almost 63 million views on Youtube!  

Watch little Emerson for yourself and be sure to share the joy!

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