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15 Clever Hacks That Will Change Your Life As A Parent.

Life as a parent can sometimes be a challenge. But thanks to these clever hacks, there are exactly 15 ways to make your life a bit easier. Both mom and dad can implement these brilliant hacks any time of day – so share these with all the parents you know.

1. Sometimes it doesn’t take that much to get their engine running again.


2. Use a laundry basket can keep the toys in its place.

3. A bedspread works perfectly as a hammock when you’re having a day off.

4. Are the kids complaining of brown apple slices? Elastics solve the problem, helping keep apples fresh.

5. A straw = best way to remove your strawberries hulls.

6. A textile shoe holder is perfect for storing toys and other things on longer car rides.

7. Tired of the noise your kids make slamming doors? Voila!

8. Your old DVDs will probably come more in hand as a pencil-box.

9. No more sticky fingers after ice cream.

10. Fake tattoos can help your kids in an amazingly clever way.

11. No one is too small to escape cleaning duties.

12. The crib is still worth much even after your children have grown out of it.

13. Haha, twin babies. You never know what they are up to.

14. With tie-wrap, you don’t have to drill holes in your house to arrange baby gates.

15. You no longer need to worry about kids or bathroom floor getting soaking wet.

Think one or more of these tricks can come handy to fellow parents? Don’t forget to share!

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