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16 Clever Psychological Tricks To Hack Your Brain Into Being Happier.

I’m always looking around for practical tips and tricks to improve my life, but I don’t have a lot of patience for anything that’s overly involved. I’m over things like doing yoga for 90 minutes, journaling every morning, or doing anything else that eats up time in my already busy day. I like advice that I can apply right on the spot. Like when I’m waiting impatiently in line at the bank while someone argues with the teller for ten minutes, I don’t have time wait six months until meditation turns me into a calmer person. So I was excited to find this recently on Imgur of all places. It’s a list of 16 psychological tricks to break your usual habits and make your life better in small, but real ways. I’ve tried a few. They don’t take much effort, but they can have a big impact—kind of like flipping a light switch. My favorite one so far points out that many of the physical effects of stress are similar to the feeling of exhilaration. I remembered it the other day when I was feeling overwhelmed at work. I went from feeling like I was being crushed by a wave (which didn’t help me prepare for the presentation I was about to make) to feeling like Rocky Balboa training for a fight—all thanks to changing my mindset. Check out all of the tips below and consider trying at least a few. If any of them work for you, share them with your friends.

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All images courtesy of Imgur.


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