8 Clever Tricks To Improve Any Backyard BBQ!

Some of my best summer memories are of hanging out with my friends and having a barbecue. But whenever I host a BBQ party, I often find myself too busy to enjoy my friends or the food. So with barbecue season right around the corner, I’ve been looking around and found some great tricks that I think are going to make this barbecue season the best ever. And since I know that everybody loves to barbecue, I thought I’d share some of the best ideas I’ve food here. Check out what I found below!

1. Roll out the drinks

Have an old wagon or wheelbarrow hanging around? No need to break your back carrying an awkward cooler around anymore!

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BBQ trick 1

2. Put your salad on display

Insects and bugs make covering your salads at BBQs a must. But covering your salad bowls with cling wrap or plastic covers is less than ideal. Why not show off the healthier side of your BBQ by serving your salads in glass jars?

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3. Get down with cooler corn

This genius trick for making corn on the cob frees up your stove so you can cook beans, greens, or anything else. Just fill your cooler with shucked corn and cover it with boiling water. In about 30 minutes, you’ll have a cooler full of mouth-watering corn on the cob.

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BBQ trick 6

4. Unstick your burgers

Tired of your burgers getting stuck to the grill? Just rub an onion across the grate and your grill will be as nonstick as a Teflon pan.

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BBQ trick 2

5. Turn up the heat on your BBQ sauce

Here’s a trick to warm up your BBQ sauce and save you a little clean up, too. Make an aluminum foil bowl and you can heat your sauces right on the grill.

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BBQ trick 5

6. Organize your condiments

Competing for condiments can be like playing Twister, so why not save the games for later and keep your food line moving with a condiment organizer? Just fill a muffin tray will all of your favorite condiments and everything will be right where you want it. If you have a lot of guests, make two, three, or more.

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7. Leave the fingerprints outside

An outdoor hand-washing station is a great idea when you’ve got little ones. Make it easy for your kids to clean their hands so they don’t leave tiny fingerprints all around the house.

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BBQ trick 3

8. Keep tabs on dirty dishes

Have your guests leave their used dishes in a dirty dish bin. Without the need to constantly pick up discarded dishes from every available table, you’ll have more time to socialize.

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BBQ trick 8

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